Jekca Chat Tuxedo
    Jekca Chat Tuxedo
    Jekca Chat Tuxedo
    Jekca Chat Tuxedo

    Jekca Chat Tuxedo

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    If LEGO and cats are among your most beloved things in this world, you can now get yourself a playful statue made of building blocks to liven up even the dullest office space or a living room.

    If you haven’t played with LEGO in a while no need to worry, assembly instructions are included with these sturdy and life-size works or art. The assembling procedure is straightforward and a detailed step by step manual is included in the package. Each statue includes a special locking technology so that these cat sculptures can be made sturdy and will not break apart easily.

    What a great way to celebrate your cat by getting a sculpture of it while it's still alive - or to confuse your kitty by getting something that looks just like the LEGO version of it.

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    My cat has a new bro
    It was a bit long to succeed in having a cat, lol. But I really appreciate this product and my cat too!

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